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Offering speciality sauce and apparel since 2017

          North End Sauce started out at the Oceanfront of Virginia Beach.  As kids in high school and college we were always getting “sauced up” as the newer generation says.  Whether it was at the neighborhood half pipe late at night, at fast food establishments ordering every dipping sauce they had to offer, or at home mixing every ingredient we could find in the pantry to make the most flavorful concoction.  We were into our sauces. Every one of us had our own “GO TO” sauce for each occasion. We all liked growing our own fruits and vegetables, so we knew we could keep it organic and knew what we were eating.  Funny thing is, most us were driveway growers with no actual inground garden.  Once we started growing and getting our hands on hot peppers, that is when I started experimenting with super hots.  Few years back, I got my hands on the Carolina Reaper, the current hottest pepper in the world, and it was a game changer.  I was able to make a tasty sweet hot sauce with the hottest pepper in the world, without it being the hottest sauce in the world.  This made it able to enjoy the flavors of the sauce with the Carolina reaper peppers heat dialed way back.  Since that first batch, I have perfected what I believe to be the sweet and spicy Carolina Reaper sauce called Sweet Heat.  I consider this sauce to be one of those sauces you can keep on you at all times to sauce anything you are eating.  My favorite thing so far is adding it to meat, eggs, and tacos – great for pork dipping and wings on the grill.  If you like your occasional cocktail, add this to your favorite Bloody Mary mix and you won’t regret it.  I will be working on my own Bloody Mary mix with the Carolina Reaper pepper so stay tuned and keep looking back for it!  Don’t be fooled though, this sauce can still be made into the hottest sauce in the world, but that is at your own risk upon request.  

We like to shoot fish and grow veggies! Our tribe is strong. We have some really talented artist and growers in our tight circle! VA DONT PLAY!

This sauce contains local honey, so there is a ton of health and allergy benefits!

Thanks for checking me out and give my C.REAPER a shot.

We now offer BBQ sauces and multiple flavors of sauce containing carolina reaper peppers.

**1st Place in International Flavor Awards Contest for Medium Hot Sauce**

**1st Place in International Hot Pepper Awards Contest for Medium Hot Sauce**

**1st Place in International Hot Pepper Awards Contest for Sweet Hot Sauce**

**1st Place in International Hot Pepper Awards Contest for Single Pepper Sauce**

**Foodie Award for Best All-Purpose Sauce in International Hot Pepper Awards**

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